Power Banks


AVACOM data and charging cables are made from high-quality materials which prevents possibility of mechanical damage. They are carefully designed and engineered to offer fast and smooth data transfer and fast charging. In our portfolio you will currently find the best-selling micro USB cables (DCUS-MIC) with the lengths of 40cm and 120cm, certified cable for Apple devices with the lightning connector (DCUS-MFI) and cables with the new USB-C connector (DCUS-TPC). Thanks to its technology AVACOM cables are suitable for charging devices equipped with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ and MediaTek PumpExpress+™. The latest generation of USB-C cables also supports Power Delivery technology.


AVACOM offers several types of Power Banks with capacities of 4 000, 6 000, 8 000, 10 000 and 20 000 mAh. Elegant Power Banks with capacity of 6000 mAh are designed for the most demanding users who require quality, beautiful design and reliability. These power banks features artificial leather coating and premium quality Li-Ion cells made in Japan by Sony, build-in all-in-one charging cable with detachable Apple Lightning connector. Compact power banks with minimalistic and matte non-slip „soft touch” surface and capacity of 4 000 or 8 000 mAh have USB output and an integrated cable with micro USB connector for simultaneous charging of two devices. AVACOM also offers 10 000 mAh luxury power banks with USB-C connector, Qualcomm Quick charge technology and durable aluminum casing. The latest generation of high capacity power banks with 20 000 mAh also supports Power delivery technology, capable of charging the power bank several times faster than normal charging.

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