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Wall and Car Chargers

Compact chargers from high quality materials will satisfy both users with basic mobile devices and users with energy-intensive devices such as tablets, smartphones and navigation. We are offering chargers with one, two or more USB ports where each port is equipped with its own intelligent control electronics for independent and quick charging for each device connected. Thanks to this technology the charger is able to recognize the connected device and chooses the most suitable charging mode for it. We offer chargers that support fast advance charging technologies such as Qualcomm® Quick Charge™.

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Consumer Battery Chargers

AVACOM JVL series are smart chargers with intelligent microprocessor which are able to charge in each battery slot independently (single channel). They are designed for batteries of different dimensions and capacities. According to current condition of a battery the charger automatically sets appropriate charging current.Pulse current enables fast charging and also prolongs the battery life.Charger automatically detects faulty batteries and is equipped with protection against overheating, short-circuit, overcharging and incorrect pole connection.AVACOM JVL 305 charger is able to charge NiMh and NiCd batteries as well as some 3.7V Li-Ion batteries.

Laptop Adapters

AVACOM offers reliable wall and car adapters for all laptop brands. Thanks to the wide portfolio of adapters with different output power (30 – 180 W) and voltage (12 – 20 V) you always find the one suitable for your laptop.

The most common laptop brands:

Digital Camera and Camcorder Chargers

ACM wall charger series and AVEPU USB charger series are ideal solution for the most common digital cameras and camcorders.AVACOM also offers sophisticated, microprocessor-controlled universal AV-MP charger suitable for all Li-Ion photo & video batteries. Versatility of the charger is based on easy exchange of different battery reductions. It can be used as a wall or car charger as both connectors are included.

Car Battery Chargers

AVACOM NAPB series are universal smart chargers for lead-acid and car batteries with 6 V/12 V voltage and capacities ranging from 1,2 Ah to 200Ah. They are remarkable for their compact size, easy-to-use control system and functions such as Maintenance mode for long-term storage and Automatic regeneration mode for desulphating of deeply discharged battery.Exact type of the charger to be chosen according to the battery parameters (voltage and capacity).

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